Deploy AppMon .NET Agent in MS Azure web apps

Azure Web Apps (formerly Azure Websites) is a service provided by Microsoft Azure that gives you the option of deploying and auto-scaling applications and services. Using a predefined Azure site extension you can modify your deployment by supplying additional resources or packages. For more information, see the Azure Web Sites documentation. For maximum ease of installation, Dynatrace provides an Azure site extension that you can download from the Azure Site Extensions gallery.

This guide describes the steps necessary to inject the AppMon .NET Agent into an Azure Web application. For troubleshooting tips, please click here.

The .NET Agent connects to a running instance of a Collector that must be accessible from your Azure Web application. 

Before you begin

Download Agents (including web server agents) installer, and install agents.


Configure the Dynatrace Site Extension via the Azure portal

  1. Open in a new browser window.
  2. Navigate to the web app you want to monitor.
  3. From Settings, select Application Settings. Scroll down to the App Settings area and add two new Key/Value pairs:

Install the Dynatrace Azure site extension

You can do this either via the Azure Portal, or through Kudo.

Azure portal

  1. Open in a new browser window.
  2. Navigate to the web app you want to monitor.
  3. Select Extensions from the list of options. You’ll find this in the Development tools subsection (note the Search field at the top of the page in case you have trouble finding this option).
  4. Within the new pane (i.e., “blade” in Azure terminology) that appears on the right-hand side, click Add.
  5. Scroll through the list until you find Dynatrace OneAgent. Note that entries are not ordered alphabetically. Extension
  6. Click OK to start monitoring your Azure website.
  7. Restart your website so that AppMon begins to receive monitoring data.


Alternatively, you can install the Dynatrace site extension via Kudu, which is available at this URL <website-name>



Update the Azure Site Extension

If there is an available extension update, an Update button will be visible in the Azure UI. Click it to update your extension.

Update OneAgent

If there is an update available for the OneAgent, it will be installed automatically by the bootstrap agent at the application restart.


Just as with the installation process described above, uninstalling the Dynatrace site extension can be done either via the Azure portal or by using Kudo.