Analyze and monitor big data solutions

Big Data Solutions are on the rise. They range from NoSQL databases like Cassandra, to Full Text Search solutions like Apache SOLR to distributed batch processing solutions such as Apache Hadoop MapReduce. AppMon enables you to ensure your Big Data Applications performance.

Get full end to end database visibility with Dynatrace Cassandra support

AppMon gives you end to end visibility into your application's usage of Cassandra.

Learn more about setting up AppMon to monitor Cassandra.

Identify the following Cassandra access patterns

  • Transaction Contribution Time
  • Number and type of statements per BT
  • Access Distribution
  • Consistency Level

End-to-end visibility

  • JMX/Cache Monitoring
  • GC and I/O impact
  • Cassandra Health

Optimize your MapReduce jobs to achieve more with less easily

The AppMon Apache Hadoop fastpack provides easy out-of-the-box monitoring of Hadoop HDFS and Map/Reduce Jobs. It also allows the performance analysis of specific Map/Reduce Jobs and Tasks in order to improve them. Learn how to easily spot why your MapReduce job can finish in 90% of the time or with 20% less resources.

Full end-to-end visibility into your SOLR searches

The AppMon SOLR FastPack provides easy out-of-the-box monitoring for applications using the SOLR Search Engine. AppMon automatically provides an end-to-end view of each Business Transaction down into SOLR itself. This lets you not only understand how much each SOLR query contributes to your Business Transaction, but also why a specific SOLR query was slow.

Understand how Amazon SimpleDB impacts your response times

AppMon automatically detects and visualizes requests to Amazon's SimpleDB. See how much of your Business Transactions time is spent in EC2 and why. The AppMon Amazon SimpleDB FastPack provides easy out-of-the-box monitoring of read and write performance of Amazon SimpleDB use of your application.