Incidents and alerting

After subscribing to measures and configuring measure thresholds, create incident rules to define whom to notify when thresholds are exceeded and how to act on violations.

An incident rule in AppMon is a mapping between threshold violations of measures and the actions taken. Incident rules can be based on multiple measures and different severity levels of threshold violations to trigger notifications. Threshold checks are done every ten seconds. The threshold may be for cyclic measures like CPU and memory that are sampled every ten seconds, or for transactions.

Thresholds violations defined in the incident rule show in the Incidents dashlet, even if the rule has no defined actions.

Incident mains are grouped by incident. Incidents occurring in close temporal proximity are grouped together in one mail and sent separately to each subscriber.

Create and configure incident rules in the System Profile. See System Profile - Incidents to learn how.

Each incident rule must have at least one condition based on Warning and Severe thresholds and an aggregation for the measure(s). See Configure incident rules for more information.