Built in web dashboards

Built-in web dashboards give you a starting point for learning about the available tile types you can use in your custom web dashboards. Refer to the description of tiles and out-of-the-box measures used in each built-in dashboard for specific guidance in setting up your web dashboards.

Built-in Web dashboards are automatically shared so all users can access them.

In AppMon Web, click the Dashboards  button, then click the Shared tab to see a list of the built-in dashboards. The built-in dashboards in the list have the name Dynatrace in the Created by column and include the following:

  • Application overview
  • CDN & 3rd party performance
  • Errors & failures overview
  • Host resource allocation
  • Mobile overview
  • User behavior analytics


The shared dashboards list also contains dashboards that are shared by other users in your organization.