Client Errors dashlet


The Client Errors dashlet displays JavaScript errors captured by the JavaScript agent, mobile errors, exceptions, and crashes. Detailed information for errors such as URL, browser, page title, device, and manufacturer is provided and can be used for splitting and aggregating errors.

Client Errors Dashlet

Client Errors Dashlet

Client errors overview table

At the top of the Client Errors dashlet is an overview of the different error types. Additionally, a count indicates the number of errors that occurred within the specified time frame. The error types are:

  • Browser Errors
    • JavaScript Error: Errors, which occurred within the JavaScript code.
    • JavaScript Warning: Warnings captured by the JavaScript agent.
    • JavaScript Info: Such as log messages.
  • Mobile Errors
    • Mobile Exceptions: Exceptions from mobile applications.
    • Mobile Error Codes: Error codes from mobile apps.
    • Mobile Crashes: Mobile crashes can contain a crash report, indicating the cause of the crash.

Selecting one or more error types from the overview table changes the details table’s content.

Client Errors Detail table

Analyze client errors by different aspects. The dashlet provides different structure modes and filters in the tool bar of the dashlet . The following aggregation options are available:

  • Error: Aggregates errors according to the error message given by the browser or mobile application.
  • Client Type, Client Family: Groups all errors by client type (e.g. desktop browser, mobile browser, and mobile app) and client family with version or device information. For example, IE Mobile - IE Mobile 9.0, or Apple - iPod touch 4G. Another example is an error that occurred using Mozilla Firefox 6 is grouped under Desktop Browser - Firefox - Firefox 6.0.
  • Application: Groups errors by application.
  • Visit: All errors are grouped according to their visit within which it occurred.

Drill-Downs to other dashlets (e.g. User Actions Dashlet, User Action PurePaths Dashlet, and Visits Dashlet) are provided for deeper analysis.

Custom filtering and splitting

Click Custom Query on the toolbar for custom filtering and splitting . Filtered expressions support a Java-like syntax. Splitting expressions consist of a comma separated list of properties. Click <CTRL>-<SPACE> for a list of available filter and splitting values. Store favorite filters and splittings for future use.

Custom Filter

Supported syntax

Expressions support a Java-like syntax. The following tables describe constants and operators recognized within expressions:

Constants Sample
Bool true, false
Number 123, 3.14
String “text/html”, ‘Firefox’
Regular expressions /[0-9A-F]*/
Operators Description
  , , or, OR
logic or
&&, &, and, AND logic and
!=, <> not equals
==, = equals
<, >, <=, >= relational operators for smaller , greater , smaller than or equals to and greater than or equals to
=~, ~= matches a regular expression (right hand side is a regular expression)
!=~, !~=, <>~ does not match (right hand side is a regular expression
like, LIKE SQL style string match function using ‘%’ as joker character

Filter Examples

FamilyFamily="Firefox" and Severity &gt;= 1: Filters client errors for Firefox browsers that have a severity greater than 1.
Path like "%community%": Only show client errors whose path contains the phrase community.

Splitting Example

ClientType, Visit: Groups client errors by their client type and visit.