Performance specific dashlets

AppMon offers multiple ways to analyze PurePaths. TheĀ Diagnose Performance node of a System ProfileĀ in the Cockpit lists the available performance-specific dashlets. For details about a dashlet, click the link below.

Dashlet Description and Content
Agent Breakdown Dashlet Analyzes the distribution of PurePaths over Agents and the system under diagnosis (SUD; the application where the Agent is inserted).
API Breakdown Dashlet Provides a view of accumulated performance data, broken down into different APIs.
Business Transaction Hotspots Dashlet Provides an overview of business transaction data of various time frames.
Business Transactions Dashlet Displays all actions performed on the system under diagnosis that match a defined Business Transaction.
Components Dashlet Aggregates method calls in the context of software components (for example, Enterprise Java Beans).
Database Dashlet Provides an overview of executed SQL statements, databases, and connection pools.
Database Hotspots Dashlet Helps to identify database statements that contribute the most to the overall execution time.
Entry Points Dashlet Shows an aggregated representation of PurePaths that start at the same entry point.
Memory Allocations Dashlet Identifies methods within PurePaths that create instances of selected classes, based on Memory Sensor Rules.
Messaging Dashlet Displays all sent or received messages from messaging services (for example, JMS).
Method Hotspots Dashlet Helps to identify methods that contribute most to the overall execution time.
Methods Dashlet Displays method calls aggregated by name, package, or class, including references to callers and callees.
Mobile Workload Dashlet Displays the calculated CPU seconds for mainframe transactions executed through mobile devices.
Naming Services Dashlet Displays all calls to naming service interfaces (for example, JNDI).
PurePath Comparison Dashlet Offers an in-depth structural comparison of PurePaths.
PurePaths Dashlet Provides the central representation of PurePaths, including an aggregated view of contributors and API distribution, and displays a graphical visualization.
Remoting Dashlet Displays remoting metrics across horizontal and vertical application layers.
Response Time Hotspots Dashlet Helps to find application hot spots within tiers and APIs, based on response times.
Sequence Diagram Dashlet Visualizes selected PurePaths as a UML sequence diagram.
Tagged Web Requests Dashlet Lists web requests originating from integrated load testing systems.
Web Requests Dashlet Displays web requests, for example servlets, JSPs, or ASP.NET pages.
Web Services Dashlet Provides an overview of all web service calls.