Dashboards provide a powerful tool for preparing diagnostic data for different kinds of use cases in the lifecycle of a software application. In the dashboards, you can filter, aggregate, and annotate PurePath-related information for experts in different fields.

AppMon currently support two types of Dashboards:

Dashboards - AppMon Client vs Web

Many concepts are common to both AppMon Client and AppMon Web dashboards. For example, you can select the System Profile and time-frame to display, filter criteria, and customize both Client and Web dashboards. Although looks are quite distinct, tiles are for web dashboards what dashlets are for dashboards in the AppMon Client.

AppMon client dashboards

  • The traditional way to serve information / insights are the dashboards in the AppMon Client.
  • For AppMon 6.5 and later, many dashboards are only available in the Client and are more configurable, so it is often worth the seconds to:
    • Start a webstart client. (via https://<DynatraceServer>:8021,…)
    • Have a portable client available on portable media and connect it to the AppMon Server.
    • Install the client for continued use and the whole lot of configuration tasks.
  • You can share dashboards by storing them on the AppMon Server.

Web dashboards

  • More recently dashboards have become available in the browser, available instantly on any conceivable device.
  • Fire them up in the browser at the blink of an eye without any installation necessary. (https://<DynatraceServer>:9911)
  • They adapt well to now ubiquitous mobile devices.
  • Pivotal dashboards like the transaction flow one are available now.
  • You can share them across the web via a URL (and an account and permissions on that AppMon Server).