Web tile

Integrate user experience or infrastructure data in your dashboards with social aspects of your business by embedding custom content into a custom web dashboard using the Web tile type.

Add informative or news-based YouTube or other video content to compliment data in other tiles on the dashboard, Using the Web tile this way enhances the use of AppMon Web the single portal you use to gain an overview of your environments and applications. See Tile Types for more information on the Web tile.

Embed content using HTML

An inline frame places another HTML document in a frame. Unlike an object element, an inline frame can be the target frame for links defined by other elements, and it can be selected by the user agent as the focus for printing, viewing its source, and so on. The element's content displays as alternative text if the browser does not support iframes.

Create and define the custom tile

  1. Open the dashboard into which you want to add the custom HTML or URL content and click the Edit button.
  2. Click the Add Tile button to add the tile, then click the tile to edit its contents in the Tile configurator.
  3. Select the Web tile in the Tile Configurator.
  4. Optionally type a title for the tile.
  5. In the Show content from list, choose from the following values:
  • URL: Embed a URL page in the tile. Any URL used must be secure (https://).
  • HTML: Embed custom HTML code, such as a widget or other page embed code.

The text field below the Show content from list changes based on the selected value.

Define the custom content and save the tile

  1. Do one of the following:
    • URL: Copy the URL if the Web page you want to show in the tile and paste it in the External content URL box.
    • HTML: Copy your external content embed HTML-compliant code from its source and paste it in the Custom content HTML field.
  2. Set the tile behavior when clicked in the Click behavior list.
    • Show detail view: Show the tile as a single detailed page, where you can save it as an image for sharing.
    • Open in New Window: Opens the tile as a separate web page.
  3. Click Done to save changes to the tile.
  4. Click Done again to save the changes to the custom dashboard.

This example shows a dashboard with tiles containing custom content, including a Twitter feed created with Twitter widget code copied from a Twitter page, another tile containing a widget that houses a playable YouTube instructional video, and another tile with a company homepage URL.

Click behavior

To control the click behavior:
Show detail view: Displays the contents of the linked URL in a web dashboard tile. When the tile is clicked, the detail view expands to size of the dashboard and displays the content of the linked URL.
Open in a new window: Opens the linked URL in new browser tab or window.