Share web dashboards and views

Custom web dashboards that you create are only accessible to you until you share them with other users. The basic concept of sharing views or dashboards is a persistent URL that you can send off or include in other assets like web dashboards, documents or wiki pages.


  • Sharing with specific users and user-groups.
  • Sharing with all users having access to the AppMon Server. The popularity of dashboards shows how many users have added the dashboard to their personal favorites.
  • Sharing with users that do not have an AppMon user account. See the guide in the section below.

A dashboard that has been shared with you appears in the Shared tab in the dashboard overview every time you log into AppMon Web.


Opening a shared web dashboard requires an AppMon user account.

Sharing a dashboard

To share a web dashboard:

Click the Share button in the top right corner of the screen.

Select the access level:

  • Only you: Nobody else can see it.
  • Specific users: Select the users or user groups present on the AppMon account intended to get access.
  • All users: All users with sufficient permissions will see the dashboard at the Shared tab.

If needed, activate the Fixed system profile and application for other users button, to prevent change of data source by other users.

Dashboard favorites

Whenever a user shares a web dashboard with value to you, you can add it to your personal favorites. Ech time a user marks a dashboard as a personal favorite, the popularity increases.

Publicly share a web dashboard

A web dashboard can be publicly shared and made accessible without login. The dashboard's share URL has to be extended by the username and password of the user account intended for public sharing. Thus, a dedicated user account is recommended in order to keep full control over which System Profiles are publicly visible.

Syntax for extending the share URL:

https:/<dt server host/ip>:9911/index.jsp?username=<username>&password=<password>#dashboard;db=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Other reporting features

Use tile image download feature to create a distributable PNG or SVG image file of chart tiles to include in a presentation, post on a wiki page, or send in an email.

To download a tile image, click the context menu  of a built-in or custom web dashboard tile, and then select the image format you want to download.