Import AppMon Client dashboards to AppMon Web

AppMon 2018 April
AppMon 2018 October

This feature is available from AppMon 2018 April onwards.

AppMon Web allows you to import dashboards from the AppMon Client. It is a convenient way to migrate your dashboards to the web interface.

How to import

  1. Open the required dashboard in the AppMon Client.
  2. Save it to the file system.
  3. Sign in to the AppMon Web, and open the Dashboards web view.
  4. Click Import client dashboard in the top right corner.
  5. Click Select client dashboard.
  6. Navigate to the saved dashboard and open it.
  7. Wait for the conversion process to complete. The message displays log warnings at the end.
    The imported dashboard have the same name as in the AppMon Client. You can change it later.


Please take the following points into consideration when reviewing the converted dashboard.

  • Up to 40 measures / splittings for one dashlet can be imported.

  • The imported dashboards won't look exactly the same as in the Client, as the tabular layout can not be used in AppMon Web. The web dashboards support multiple scaling options so you can decide which one fits your layout best.

  • In case a dashlet could not be converted, it will appear as an empty tile in the web dashboard.

  • Importing a dashboard which used several Servers as data sources in the Client, you can only see the data from the Server to which AppMon Web belongs to.

Available filters

Available dashlets

Even though some dashlets are unavailable for direct import, you can still get the information via workarounds. See the table and workaround steps below.

Every web dashboard tile, except for the Text and measures tile, supports the change of click behavior.

By default a click on tile opens its detailed view. You can change it to open a dashboard, or a URL, including URL of a web view.

To change a click behavior:

  1. In the AppMon Web, navigate to the required dashboard, and click Edit.
  2. Select the required tile, and click Edit tile.
  3. Expand the Advanced settings section.
  4. Select the required click behavior:
    • Open the tile detail view: Default behavior. On click expands the tile to full-screen view.
    • Link to a dashboard: On click opens the selected dashboard. Only dashboards, to which the current user has access can be linked.
    • Open a URL: On click opens the specified URL. You can specify an external URL, which opens in a new tab, or an internal URL, which opens in the same tab.
      For internal URls, you don't have to specify the whole URL, but just the web view suffix with # sign, for example, #pure-paths. Web view opens with same filters applied, as the source dashboard.
  5. Save your changes.

In the Text and measures tile you can create a link to any URL. Use this functionality to link another dashboards or web views from the tile.

Embed a dashboard or a web view

The Web tile renders external content inside an iframe and thus provides the ability to display the PurePaths view or external content on a web dashboard. Note, that here you always have to specify the full URL.