Export and import web dashboards

Web dashboard exporting and importing presents another way to share your dashboards to others in your organization. Exporting is useful when a large number of dashboards need to be shared with others. Hundreds of dashboards can be exported and imported at one time. Only Custom dashboards can be exported or imported.

Export web dashboards

In AppMon Web, click Dashboards, then select the My tab. Your list of custom dashboards displays, each with a check box next to the dashboard entry.

Click in the check box of each dashboard you want to export, then click the Export button. A file named DashboardExport.dwd downloads to your assigned downloads folder. Use Windows to send the file to others with whom you want to share the dashboards. Once an export file has been copied to an accessible location, others can use it to import the Web dashboards.

  • The Export button only appears when dashboards are selected.
  • Click the check box next to the Custom Dashboard headers to select all the custom dashboards in the list.

Import web dashboards

You can import a web dashboard file from any accessible file location. All exported Custom Web dashboards in the file import to your Custom dashboards list.

To import a Custom web dashboard file, click Dashboards then select the My tab to display your custom dashboards and click the Import button.

Use the operating systems file browser to navigate to the location of the export file and select it.

When the message box appears indicating the dashboards are successfully imported, click OK. The imported dashboards appear in the Custom dashboards list.


The maximum dashboard.dwd file size that is possible to import is 5MB. If you Import a dashboard that has the same name as one of your existing custom web dashboards, it imports with the name intact. The only noticeable difference is that the imported dashboard has a different time stamp in the Last modified column. You can change the name of any custom web dashboard at any time for differentiation.