Custom web dashboards

You can create custom web dashboards to visualize the data most important to you and your team. Click the burger  button, then Dashboards > Mine to access your custom web dashboards.

Custom web dashboards are private unless you share them with others by providing a unique URL for each custom web dashboard. Opening a web dashboard using a shared link requires a Dynatrace user account to login. Learn more about sharing dashboards.

Other important features and considerations include:

  • Custom web dashboards display live session data only. They do not display stored session data.
  • A global time frame setting is used for all tiles on a dashboard. Auto refresh rate is set a 1 minute.
  • 40 tiles allowed per dashboard. Tile size is configurable.
  • Each tile can contain up to 40 measures. In case of splitting each part counts as one measure.

Before you begin

Before creating a custom web dashboard, identify and create the measures or business transactions that contain the data you want to display on your dashboard. Create measures and business transactions using the AppMon Client.

Create a custom web dashboard

  1. Click the burger  button, then Dashboards > Mine to access your custom web dashboards.
  2. Click the Add dashboard button.
  3. Name your dashboard, optionally, click the add logo icon  next to the Dashboard name box to link to the URL of your favorite custom logo.
  4. You can select a particular System Profile, application, and data timeframe as dashboard defaults. The dashboard then always opens with these settings. The timeframe determines the measure data that appears on your dashboard. This value applies globally to every tile, unless custom timeframe is specified in tile settings. 
  5. Click the Edit tile link on the default tile. The Tile configurator appears.
  6. Configure the tile. See Tile Types, Editing a Measure, and the Timeframe and Resolution for details about the settings for each tile type. 
  7. Click Done to close the Tile configurator and return to the dashboard editor.
  8. Click Add tile to add additional tile to your dashboard.
  9. Click Done in the top right to see your dashboard at full resolution with the maximized tile view feature enabled.

Your can make copies of custom dashboards for your own use, and share custom dashboards with others. Select the dashboard you want to copy from your custom dashboards list in the My dashboards tab, click the More Actions button  and choose Copy. In the box that appears, name the dashboard copy and click Copy and open. The Dashboard copy show in the My tab.


For faster dashboard creation, tiles can be added, cloned and deleted by using keyboard shortcuts:

  • 'E' will let you configure a selected tile.
  • 'A' will add a new tile.
  • 'D' will delete all selected tiles.
  • 'C' will clone all selected tiles.

See Share Web Dashboards for details on sharing custom dashboards with others.