Web dashboards

Getting started

Web dashboards are available for all users with sufficient permissions.

AppMon contains a set of built-in web dashboards which provide an overview of custom dashboard features as well as common usecases, such as business analytics, backend, or infrastructure monitoring. You cannot edit built-in dashboards, however, you can make a copy of a dashboard, and edit it as a custom one.

Custom web dashboards

  • See how to create custom web dashboards to display the data you need.
  • Get an overview of tiles available.
  • Web dashboards can be exported and imported across your environments to faster onboard new teams.
  • Share your custom web dashboard with the rest of your team by providing a unique URL for your dashboard or by exporting a snapshot image of the dashboard to include in a report or presentation.

Dashboard actions

Action Description
Clone Creates a copy of a dashboard. It is useful when you want to change something on un-editable built-in
Add to favorites Adds the dashboard to favorites list.
Edit Custom dashboard only Enables dashboard editing mode.
Set as home Sets the dashboard as home screen.
Home dashboard is displayed on login, and on click of the Home icon.
To restore the default home page, select the current home dashboard, and select Reset home from the menu.
Scaling Defines the scaling mode of the dashboard:
  • No scaling: Uses the scale you created. If available space is not enough, vertical and horizontal scroll bars appear.
  • Fit width: Forces dashboard to occupy all available width, and always fits the content to the width. Horizontal scrollbar is not available
  • Fit squeeze: Forces dashboard to occupy all available height, and always fits the content to the height. Veritcal scrollbar is not available
Dark mode Switches dashboard between bright and dark modes.