Drilldown to the AppMon Client

AppMon Web provides convenient user experience management workflows and infrastructure monitoring together with the AppMon Client for fast and informative to root cause analysis. Several views in AppMon Web let you drill down from specific AppMon Web items to open the corresponding or detailed data in the AppMon Client.

Client setup and drilldown

Choose to use either the AppMon Client or AppMon Webstart Client.

To use a locally installed AppMon Client, you must start the Client before using the drill down feature. Also, make sure that the AppMon Client is connected to the same AppMon Server as AppMon Web. You may also need to perform a browser configuration step.

To use the Webstart Client, you do not need to start it before using the drill down feature.

In AppMon Web, open the page containing the item for which you want to drill down. You can drill down on the following:

View/Action in AppMon Web AppMon Client opens with
Business analytics > Visits > Visit details Visits by UserExperience, UserExperienceReason
Operations > Infrastructure > Select an alert or alert rule Incidents
Operations > Hosts > Select a Host name Incidents
Operations > Hosts > Select a Host name Host Information
Operations > Processes > Select a Process name Process Information

Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to authorize the loading of unsafe scripts, insecure content, or a certificate. If you want to drill down using the AppMon Client, you must comply with the browser authorization request. If you do not, then only the Webstart Client opens by default.

Click the Open in client button located below the visits table.

The AppMon Client starts if it is running. If not, the is Webstart Client starts. A message box asks what the browser should do with the client.jnlp file. Open it with the suggested Java Web Start Launcher to start the Client.

The client opens and displays details for the selected information. with the selected visit information displayed.

After selecting a visit in AppMon Web, you can share the link to the Visits dashboard in the Webstart Client by clicking the Share  button. Copy the URL path and share with another person. When they click the link, they are prompted to download the client.jnlp file required to run the Webstart Client.