World map web view

The World map web view displays the geographic widespread of your users, with immediate insight into user experience in the current time scope for the selected System Profile and application.

Here you can filter geography of visits, before switching to more detailed user analysis. Click countries and regions you're interested in, then click Show user analytics, to switch to the User analytics web view.


The drilldown to specific states and provinces of a country requires additional configuration of the Country of Visits measure for each system profile. See World map country drilldown section of the AppMon Web Administration page to learn how to do that.

World Map web view
World Map web view

The pane at the top displays real time data for the key user metrics, like total number of visits, average response time and more. This data always reflects the configured data scope and is contextual based on currently selected region.

The view includes the User experienceUser actions, and User experience table tabs. Each tab provides different data views for displaying the following key metrics that are aggregated at the country and state level.

  • User experience index (Apdex rating)
  • Total count of all visits
  • Total count of all user actions
  • Average number of user actions per minute
  • Failure rate of all actions
  • Bounce and conversion rates

The content of the User experience table displays data from the geographic level to which you are drilled down to.

For example, if you are examining user actions, and select North America > United States > Michigan, the User experience table lists only the aggregated User Experience metrics for Michigan.

On the User experience or User actions tab, select a region or country, and then hover over a country or state to view a popup message containing these metrics.

The Top countries tile of the Business analytics web view brings you to the User experience table with countries sorted by the number of visits.