Find specific user visits

The Business Analytics web view on the AppMon Web Home screen includes a tile that lets you find specific user visits. You can search for visits based on visit tag, user's location, or user's IP address.

Visit search tile
Visit search tile

To find a specific user visit, type in the search query in the Visit search tile and press Enter. The Visits web view appears and displays up to 100 matching visits.

You can also search from the Visits web view. Type a query in the search box and press Enter to find visits.

Visit tagging

To be able to search for visits by tags, you must configure them in General settings section of the System Profile - User experience. The primary visit tag serves as search criterion.

What's a visit tag

A visit tag is a specially configured measure, which you can use to mark a certain visit. When the threshold of the measure triggers, the measure value is assigned to the visit.

The tag is set only once per visit, so once a valid tag value is determined, it does not change with the re-occurrence of the measure.

For example, if the user name is stored in a session attribute, you can use a Web Requests - Session Attribute Value measure to tag visits with the username. You can use all measures from the Business Transaction Evaluation/Filter/Grouping Values category.

You can configure any number of visit tags, but one tag must be configured to act as the primary visit tag. It is displayed in the visit name, and in the Visit tag column of the Visits dashlet and the Visits web view. You can also find the visit using the value of this tag. Select the Is primary check box for the required visit tag. All other tags then act as additional tags and can only be viewed in the Visit details web view.