Business transactions web view

The Business transactions web view displays measure results of a particular business transaction along with an area chart for the data in the current time scope.

To display data, select the business transaction and splitting. If the list of the splittings is too long, you can filter them—just type in the query in the search box.

Inside a splitting, you can select the measure to be displayed on the chart, and aggregation of this measure.

Business Transactions web view
Business Transactions web view

Click Analyze PurePaths to switch to the PurePaths web view, filtered to the selected business transaction.

Click Analyze user actions to switch to the User Actions web view, filtered to the selected business transaction.

Aggregations and comparison

The Configure aggregations and comparison expandable section allows you to add more aggregations to the table, and add second timeframe for data comparison.

To add more aggregations to the table, click Configure aggregations and select those you want to see.

To add second timeframe for comparison, activate Comparison timeframe, and select the comparison timeframe. Its data will be shown in the table with smaller font, under the main timeframe data.

Pin to a dashboard

You can pin the web view to a dashboard as a Business transaction list tile. To do so, click the Pin icon at the top right corner of the view, and select the required dashboard from the list.