Applications web view

Application owners need to know how their applications are doing from many perspectives. The Applications web view provide all the required insights, from big picture to in-depth drill down into performance or user actions. See which application is unhealthy, analyze PurePaths, response times and transaction flow to see where problem is coming from. To access the Applications web view, in the AppMon Web click the burger button and then Applications.

Application Overview Dashboard

The Application overview allows you to quickly view application state, frontend and backend related data — in pure numbers and graphically. For frontend you can see the amount, duration, and failure rate for user actions. For backend you can see PurePaths, their response time and failure rate. For each parameter you can quickly go to detailed view with just one click. Additionally, expanded application view displays status of the related infrastructure.

Moreover, the violations history shows a quick overview of current and past problems with your application and allows you to drill down into the violation for detailed information about those problems.

You can easily share application overview and other app owner dashboards with others. See Share Web Dashboards to learn how.

All violations, response time hotspots, errors, transaction flows, and PurePaths can be opened in detailed views for in depth problem analysis. The detail views show the most important properties in the selected timeframe.

On this dashboard you can:

Alert notifications can also be viewed on custom web dashboards using the Alert tile. See Tile Types for more information.