Search for PurePaths

With thousands of captured PurePaths it may be tricky to find the right one. The AppMon Client allows you to search for a particular PurePath.

You have several search options:

  • Search in the current Live Session.
  • Cross server search—find a distributed PurePath.
  • Cross product search—find a part of the PurePath, captured by Dynatrace.

Found PurePaths will be shown in the PurePaths dashlet.

Simple search

The simple search allows you to find a certain PurePath in the current Live Session.

To access the search dialog box, click Tools > Search PurePath. You can also use:

  • AppMon 2017 May The Search PurePath item of the context menu for the System Profiles node in Cockpit.
  • AppMon 2018 April and later The PurePaths tab of the Search search.

To search by HTTP response header, simply put it in the search box and click Search.

You can also search by the combination of the stored session ID, Tag ID and Agent ID of the PurePath. You have to specify both tag ID and Agent ID. Use the following syntax:

RS=<stored session ID>;PT=<Tag ID>;PA=0x<Agent ID>

You can find the Tag ID and the Agent ID in the details of the PurePath. To use this search in the live session, omit the RS parameter.

A distributed PurePath is the PurePath which was captured by several AppMon Servers.

If your Client is connected to all of these servers, you can trace distributed PurePaths across those servers. Select the required PurePath in the PurePath tab and click the Find distributed PurePaths button in the Tree tab. Distributed nodes has either Cross server - out or Cross server - in icon. Click the icon or right-click and select Cross-Server Drill to open related PurePaths in the new PurePaths dashlet.

A PurePath can be distributed between AppMon and integrated Dynatrace environment. You can search between product, originating in any of them. Only Dynatrace environments, configured at the Integrations item of the Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box are available for search.

To find a PurePath from AppMon in Dynatrace:

  1. Select the required PurePath in the PurePath tab of the PurePaths dashlet.
  2. Right-click the top node in the Tree tab, and select one of the following options from the context menu:
    • Find parent path in Dynatrace environment
    • Find subpaths in Dynatrace environment
      If needed, select the required environment from the list.

To find a PurePath from Dynatrace in AppMon:

  1. Navigate to the required PurePath in your Dynatrace environment.
  2. At the Analyze tab of the PurePath details, click Copy data to copy Dynatrace search string to the clipboard. Dynatrace search string
  3. Use the search string as the search query of Simple search.

You can also select the AppMon Server from the Open in environment drop down list to open it in the AppMon Web.