Portable AppMon Client

Conveniently run the AppMon Client on Windows from your memory stick or any other removable device. No installation is needed. Just run the Portable Client from a memory card, USB flash drive, or any removable media. Using the Portable Client not only provides total mobility, but you can also use it to work with different AppMon releases on one machine.

Get the Portable Client

Simply download the Portable Client. To do this, go to the Dynatrace Application Monitoring download page and choose Windows Client Portable 64-bit. The Portable Client downloads as a .zip file. The file name includes the AppMon release number.

Attach your removable drive to the machine on which you downloaded the Portable Client and move the file to your removable drive. Use any Windows zip utility to extract the .zip file.

Once extracted, double-click the dtclient.exe file in the root to start the Portable Client. The Portable Client is a fully functional client with all AppMon Client features.


License installation and activation for the Portable Client is the same as with the AppMon Client. See information on Launching the AppMon Client for the first time and Activating an Installation for details.