World Map dashlet

Use the World Map dashlet to visualize visits or user actions within a geographical representation of the world. Drill down into other dashlets and navigate and zoom to different locations.

World Map dashlet
World Map dashlet

The dashlet toolbar lets you zoom in and out and back to the world view. You can also left-click to zoom and to drag the map. Hover over the map to highlight six clickable continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America). Click each to zoom. Click breadcrumb to navigate through the zoom levels. Click the middle mouse button to instantly return to the whole world view.

Customize the map

Right-click in the dashlet and select Dashlet Properties to adjust the map rendering properties. You can switch off the legend in the lower left corner and adjust the borders zoom level. Switch the data source for the map's data points from User Action to Completed Visits or Active Visits in this dialog box. You can also use Toggle Visits in the toolbar.

Drill down to dashlets

Right-click data points in the World Map dashlet to drill down to the User ActionsVisits dashlets. You can also click on the header bars to drill down to statistics for a region. Select User ActionsCompleted Visits, or Active Visits numbers in the headers to drill down to the User ActionsCompleted Visits, or Active Visits dashlets.

If the drill-down context menu is empty, you cannot drill down because there is no PurePath data available for the data point.

Geographical granularity

The default setting for geographical granularity for the World Map dashlet is set to region resolution for the USA and country resolution for the rest of the world. To edit this setting, click Edit map granularity in the context menu. A configuration dialog box appears. This dialog box configures the Measure that provides the country data for the dashlet. See Geographical Location Configuration for more information.

Top X cities

You can show the top X cities for certain regions of interest within the world map. Click Edit map granularity to fill in the regions of interest in the map. Additionally, the number to the right of the region restricts the number of cities that appear. The maximum number per region is 500.