Fields and values

Use the Fields and Values dialog box to inspect the fields and their values of single instances and/or classes. It shows all fields declared in the corresponding class, all fields of parent classes, and all fields defined statically.

To access the dialog box, right-click the required class in the Total Memory Content dashlet, and select Show Fields and Values from the context menu.

If you do not enable primitive value capturing, while you create the snapshot, the corresponding field values are not shown. However, field-names and modifiers are shown. To capture primitive values, you must have Java with VMs that are equal to or greater than 6.0.

The top of the dialog box shows the instance or class name that is used in other analysis dashlets. The Classloader specifies which corresponding class is loaded. A dash (-) means that the class was not created by a Classloader, or was loaded by the bootstrap class loader.

The following columns as depicted in the figure below are shown:

  • Visibility: Private or protected.
  • Modifiers: Final, static, static final, or final transient.
  • Type: Double or any object type such as java.lang.String.
  • Name: The name of the field as defined by the source code.
  • Value: For primitive fields, the corresponding primitive value. For object fields, the corresponding referenced object. This column only shows values if primitive values are captured
  • String value: The option for string value must be enabled during snapshot creation.
Fields and Values dialog box
Fields and Values dialog box