Threads dashlet

Use the Threads dashlet to create or open thread dumps and analyze the thread stacks.
This view is divided into two areas. The upper area shows existing thread dumps for certain Agents. The bottom area shows information about the selected dump or the possibility to invoke a thread dump, if no dump is selected in the upper area. AppMon supports thread dumps for .NET.

Threads dashlet
Threads dashlet


Thread performance metrics

  • Name: Name of the thread.
  • Threads: Number of threads.
  • Group: Name of the thread group the thread belongs to. This column may be empty because not all threads must belong to a group.
  • CPU Time [ms]: Time, in milliseconds, that the thread used the CPU. (This information is only available for J2SE 5.0 and higher)
  • State: Current state of the thread. There are six defined states:
    • New: A that is created, but has not been started. There is no stack trace available for this thread.
    • Runnable: Ready to execute or currently executing code.
    • Blocked: A thread waiting to gain a monitor.
    • Waiting: A thread that has yet to be notified, is sleeping, or is parked.
    • Timed waiting: A thread that is waiting a fixed period of time.
    • Terminated: A thread that has finished.
  • Waiting On: Monitor (if any) that the thread is waiting on.
  • Owned By: Owner of the monitor that this thread is waiting for (if any). A monitor may not have an owner.
  • Owned Monitors: Number of monitors owned by this thread.
  • Start Time: Time when the thread was started.
  • Thread Id: JVM: Identity hashcode of the thread, for correlation. .NET: managed thread id

Stack trace

  • #: Number of the stack trace element, for example the stack depth of the corresponding element.
  • Class: Fully qualified name of the class, which contains the method that produced the stack trace element.
  • Method: Name of the method.
  • Line: Line number of the source file that is currently executing.
  • Source File: Name of the source file for the executed method.

Owned monitors

  • Object: Object ID or identity hash code
  • Class: JVM: Monitor class, .NET: Lock class
  • Entry Count: Number of times that the monitor was entered in this thread.
  • Waiter Count: Number of threads that are waiting to gain this monitor.
  • Notify Waiter Count: Number of threads that are waiting to be notified by this monitor.


Use the Tasks tab to modify or add tasks that can automatically create periodic thread dumps.