Text and measurement dashlet


This page is about Text and Measurement dashlet in the AppMon Client. To read about the web tile, click Text and measures tile.

Use the Text and Measurement dashlet to show the value of a measure, along with the custom text. The dashlet supports plain text and measure placeholders. You can use only one measure here.

Add the measure and type your text in the Dashlet properties dialog box.

  1. Right-click inside the dashlet, and select Dashlet properties from the context menu. You can also use the Alt+Enter hotkey.
  2. Add your measure in the Measure field of the Content tab. Click Browse, and select the required measure.
  3. Type your text in the Text edit box from the Content tab.
  4. Use the customization options to change text and background images as well as the details of the measure.
Configuration of the dashlet text
Configuration of the dashlet text