Test Overview dashlet

The Test Overview dashlet displays the general status of tests in your environment.

Test Overview dashlet
Test Overview dashlet

This dashlet is only available in the Pre-Production (formerly Test Center) Edition.

Bar chart section

In the upper section of the dashlet, a bar chart displays information about the overall number of test executions with each status. The X-axis contains the aggregation specific keys and the Y-axis shows the number of matching test executions. You can choose the aggregation type in the dashlet header.

Aggregation types

The following aggregation types are available:

  • By build: Test executions with the same build version parameters (major.minor.revision.build) are aggregated.
  • By day: Test executions done in the same day are aggregated.

Pie charts section

Below the Bar Chart section, pie charts show the number of test executions with each status, as well as the specified test category such as Unit Tests, Performance Tests, Web API Tests, Browser Tests. There is one pie chart per each test category. Only pie charts with a test category that have at least one test execution are shown. As a result, one to four pie charts can be visible in this section.

By default, the pie charts filter test executions by matching test category and show a consolidated view of the details for all your builds for the selected timeframe.

Selecting any bar in the Bar Chart section by clicking it once also filters the data shown in Pie Charts section by aggregation specific key, as shown in the bar's X-axis. Clear the selection by clicking the chart above the bar or between the bars. The current selection has a thin border around the bar and the header of the Pie Charts section.

Drilldowns to Test Results dashlet

You can drill down from the Test Results dashlet to see more detailed, filtered data by doing one of the following:

  • Double-click on any bar in the Bar Chart section. This filters data by an aggregation specific key, as shown in the bar's X-axis.
  • Click on the chart or chart title in Pie Charts section. This filters the data by a related test category to the chart and the aggregation specific key, as shown in the bar's X-axis if any bar is selected. You can also check it on the header of Pie Charts section.

A Test Results dashlet opened by drilldown inherits all filters applied to the source Test Overview dashlet. For example, the selected timeframe.

Load tests results

Load tests can be analyzed using a separate Load Test Overview dashboard. You can open it by clicking the Analyze Load Test Results link in Test Overview dashlet footer. See Load Tests for more information.

The Footer section also includes useful documentation links about tests.