Tasks and Monitors dashlet

The Tasks/Monitors dashlet displays information about all Tasks and Monitors configured on your AppMon environment. It displays the tasks and Monitors from all System Profiles and AppMon maintenance tasks. The dashlet provides a quick overview of the running states, results, and schedules of your tasks and Monitors. You can manage the task and Monitor configurations through commands on the context menu.

Tasks and Monitors dashlet
Tasks and Monitors dashlet

Current status icons

The icons in the column to the right of the Name column indicate the current status.

Icon Description
Execution is suspended.
The task or Monitor is scheduled for execution.
The task or Monitor is currently running.
The status is unknown.
The System Profile System Profile is disabled, so no tasks or Monitors are executed.

Last status icons

The icons in the column to the right of the Last Run column indicate the status of the most recent run.

Icon Description
The status is unknown. For example, the task has not yet executed.
The last run was successful.
The status is Incomplete. For example, a master Monitor has two worker Monitors; if one was successful and the other failed, the state of the master monitor is incomplete because only one of the two monitors was executedsuccessfully.
The last run was not successful.

Required permission

To view this dashlet, you need the View Tasks and Monitors permission assigned to the Server Management role.

To create/edits tasks and monitors, you need two permissions: