Session Browser dashlet

The Session Browser dashlet displays information about stored sessions available in its data source.

A stored session can be a PurePath session, a memory dump, a thread dump, or a sampling that is stored on an AppMon Server, or offline on the client. See Usage of Sessions for more information.

Session Browser dashlet


A stored session has the following attributes:

  • Name: Name of the stored session.
  • Description: Optional description of the stored session.
  • Type: Possible values are PurePath Session, Total Memory (Simple), Total Memory (Extended), Selective Memory Dump, Thread Dump, and Sampling.
  • System Profile: System Profile from which the stored session was created.
  • Size: Size of the stored session in Bytes, KB, MB or GB.
  • Lock: Switch to on to protect the stored session from the automatic deletion procedure.
  • Directory: Directory in which the session is stored.
  • State: Possible values are finished, incomplete, in progress and corrupt.
  • Capturing Start: Start date and time of the stored session capture.
  • Duration: Stored session capture duration.
  • Version: File format version in which the session is stored.
  • Labels: Labels that are assigned to the stored session. Use label assignments to group multiple stored sessions.
  • Recording Type: Possible values are manual and incident.

Grouping options

Use the options at the top right dashlet corner to change the structure of the displayed stored sessions.

  • Flat: Displays a simple list of all stored sessions and doesn't group them.
  • Group by Type: Groups the stored session by type such as PurePath Sessions, Memory Dumps, Thread Dumps, and Samplings.
  • Group by System Profile: Groups the stored sessions by the System Profile from which they are created.
  • Group by State: Groups the stored sessions by their state. Possible groups are finished, incomplete, in progress, and corrupt.
  • Group by Capturing Start: Groups the stored sessions by the capture start date.
  • Group by Label: Groups all stored sessions by label. If a stored session has multiple labels, it can be a member of multiple groups.

Context menu options

  • Open: Opens the selected stored sessions in separate dashboards.
  • Make Available Offline: Downloads a stored session from the AppMon Server to an AppMon Client. See Usage of Sessions for more information.
  • Convert to latest version: Converts the selected session files to match the server version. The menu item is only available for sessions with an old version.
  • Export: Opens the Export Session dialog box and exports the stored session to a user-defined session file.
  • Import: Opens the Import Session dialog box in order to import a stored session from a user-defined session file.
  • Lock: Toggles the deletion lock to enable protection against automatic deletion procedure.
  • Unlock: Disables the deletion lock, so the session could be automatically deleted.
  • Edit: Opens a dialog box to modify stored session properties like name, description, deletion lock, or the assigned Labels.
  • Drill Down: Opens a view associated with a selected stored session.
  • Copy: Copies the attributes of the selected stored sessions to the clipboard.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected stored sessions from the dashlet's data source.
  • Details: Shows the selected stored session attributes.