PurePath Hotspot pane

The PurePath Hot Spots pane of the PurePath dashlet gives a visual overview of the PurePath, selected in the PurePath table. It displays a duration metric for the natural tree order of the PurePath contributors. Because there are usually more contributors than space available to render them, minor contributors are aggregated. Click a hot spot to select the corresponding calls in the Tree tab, and vice versa.

PurePath Hotspots pane
PurePath Hotspots pane

The vertical axis defines the execution time. The horizontal axis is the metric selected in the toolbar below the chart:

  •  Execution

  •  CPU Execution

  •  Synchronization

  •  Wait

  •  Suspension The bar color is defined by the most significant API of each method call; a gray bar indicates a set of aggregated APIs.

  •  API Call Hierarchy: renders the hierarchy of the PurePath contributors, colored by the individual call's API, to give further insight into the PurePath's structure.

The pane's context menu gives access to the Details summary. This simplified version of the regular contributor details displays call statistics only. When you select a hotspot for multiple contributors, aggregated values are shown.