PurePaths dashlet

The PurePaths dashlet is the central representation of all captured PurePaths. You can use this dashlet to identify performance-critical methods and analyze their position within the PurePath, to recognize the cause of a performance problem. Because all special diagnosis dashlets can be traced back to the PurePaths dashlet, it is the basis of performance analysis.

You can use this dashlet to get either a top-town or a bottom-up performance diagnosis for selected PurePaths. A top-down approach can identify certain methods as the root cause of poor performance. With a bottom-up approach, you can use the performance measurements to identify the exact method and business transaction that caused the biggest performance issues. Bottom-up analysis can also identify all the effects of a method that does not perform well.

PurePaths dashlet
PurePaths dashlet

The upper half of the dashlet contains these tabs:

  • PurePaths: Displays the list of the recorded PurePaths. You need to select a PurePath in this table to view data in other tabs.
  • Contributors: Displays all instrumented methods of the selected PurePath
  • Errors: Displays the errors that were detected in the selected PurePath
  • PurePath Hotspots pane is to the right of these tabs. It gives a visual overview of the selected PurePath

The lower half contains these three tabs:

  • Tree: Displays the contributors to the selected PurePath.
  • Transaction Flow: Displays a distribution diagram of the selected PurePaths.
  • API Distribution: Displays an aggregated view of the distribution of execution time, CPU utilization, and synchronization over the APIs used by the selected PurePaths.