Memory Allocations dashlet

The Memory Allocations dashlet lists the memory allocation events that occurred within PurePaths. Specifically, the dashlet lists all instantiations of objects matching a Memory Sensor rule that occurred within a method call that is part of a PurePath.


To get information about memory consumption independent from PurePaths, use the Total Memory dashlet.

Memory Allocations dashlet
Memory Allocations dashlet


The following metrics and other information are included in the table:

  • Platform: The first, unlabeled column indicates whether the memory allocation took place on a Java or .NET platform.
  • Type: The object type.
  • Class: The class of the new object instance.
  • Instances: The number of instances of a specific class created by one allocating method of one allocating class within the perceived set of PurePaths.
  • Allocating Class: The class of the object that generated the new object instance.
  • Allocating Method: The method in which the object instance was created.
  • File: The name of the source file of the allocating class, if available.
  • Line: The line number within the source file where the allocation is performed. If allocation takes place in a native method, a dash ( - ) displays in this column.
  • Agent: The Agent that registered the allocation.