Logging dashlet

AppMon diagnoses logging calls executed by the Java Logging API, the Log4J Logging Framework, and the .NET Log4NET Framework. It provides information about the severity of logging messages. A developer can control the amount of detail included in the logging information from APIs and frameworks. The Logging dashlet shows an aggregated view of the logging events grouped by the following:

  • Issuing class and method
  • Recording Agent
  • Message string
  • Severity
  • Logger name
Logging dashlet
Logging dashlet


Logging metrics

  • Name: User defined logger name.
  • Severity: Severity level assigned to this logging message.
  • Message: Message string received by the logging framework.
  • Agent: Name of the Agent that recorded the logging event.
  • Count: Number of times a logging event is issued by the class method in this record and recorded by an Agent:
    • From this particular logger
    • With this particular message string
    • With this severity, issued by the class method listed in this record
  • Class: Fully qualified name of the class that issued the logging event.
  • Method: Method name that issued the logging event.


Use the Logging Sensor Configuration dialog box to define filter criteria to target the set of extended logging events for analysis. See Sensor Properties for more information.

The filter criteria are based on severity levels. Include or exclude this in the analysis. The .NET Logging sensor, Java JDK Logging, and Log4J sensor provide this configuration option.


This sensor configuration applies only to Java or .NET based logging frameworks.

Context menu options

  • Create Measures: Opens the Measure Configuration dialog box to add measures to a subscription. This option is only available during real-time sessions.
  • New Business Transaction: Opens the Business Transaction dialog box to create a new business transaction based on the Measures. This option is only available during real-time sessions.