Layer Breakdown dashlet

Use the Layer Breakdown dashlet to get a quick overview of the application total execution or CPU time, and this number's distribution over the application API layers.

Layer Breakdown dashlet
Layer Breakdown dashlet

AppMon 2018 October Timeframe zoom

You can zoom to a certain timeframe of your chart. To do so, simply draw the required span right at the chart. New timeframe applies to the chart only, the rest of the dashboard remains unaffected.

Zoom chart timeframe
Zoom chart timeframe

The following chart types support timeframe zoom:

  • Line
  • Area
  • Stacked Area
  • Step
  • Clustered bar
  • Stacked percentile bar
  • Stacked bar

You can apply the zoomed timeframe to the entire dashboard, by clicking the Apply to dashboard button in the top left corner of the chart.

To return the dashboard's timeframe, click the Reset button in the top left corner of the chart.