Incident Chart dashlet

The Incident Chart dashlet visualizes the violation of selected incident rules during the configured time frame.


Add Incident Rules

To add Incident rules open the dashlet's context menu item and click Add Incident Rule. You can also click Add Incident Rule on an empty dashlet. Click the Incident Picker dialog box to choose the desired incident rules from live, stored, or offline sessions; or create new incident rules.

Incident Picker
Incident Picker

Edit Incident Rules

To edit Incident rules, open the Incident rule context menu in a chart, or open the Incident rule entry in the chart table, and click Edit Incident Rule. See Create and Configure incident rules for more information.

Remove Incident Rules

Open the Incident rule context menu, or open the Incident rule entry in the chart table, and click Remove.

Show violating measures in a Chart dashlet

Click Show Measures in Chart to visualize the selected incidents' Measures with visible thresholds in a new Chart dashlet.

Open in new dashboard

Hold Shift + Modifier key and invoke the context menu to open the Chart dashlet in a new dashboard.


The Incident chart shows the incident occurrence. This is not an information incident chart. Log and show informational incidents in the chart heat field and the incidents overview. See Heat Field and Incidents Overview dashlet for more information.

Occurred? Warning incident Severe incident

Two sections inform about the incident state:

  • The upper section answers the question, Is there an incident currently active?

    • You see the actual incident state.
  • The lower section answers the question, Did an incident happen in the past?

    • You see the incident history within the time frame.


Example 1: A non-incident occurred within the time frame.
Example 2: A severe incident is triggered and occurred within the time frame.
Example 3: No incident occurred.

Split chart mode

By default, the Split Chart mode is enabled and an incident traffic light visualizes each incident rule you add. To disable splitting, open the context menu, click Split Chart, and clear the Split Chart setting in the sub-menu.

When you disable this, all incident rules get aggregated into a single traffic light.

Incidents table

Column Description
Incident Rule/Incidents Name of the incident rule or incident
Severity Icon that represents the violation status of incident rule or incident
Start Time Start time of the incident interval
End Time End time of the incident interval
Duration Formatted duration of the incident interval
System Profile System Profile of the incident rule
Message Short description of incident rule violation
Description Detail description of incident rule violation

Rows of pending incidents are highlighted by the icon.

Table structure modes

The following are table structure modes:

  • Flat mode: No grouping in table. Shows only incidents.
  • Group incidents by incident rule
  • Group incidents by severity: Informational, warning, and severe.
  • Group incidents by state: Pending and closed.