Functional Health dashlet

Use the Functional Health dashlet to analyze the transaction load and failure rate compared to another time frame.

Functional Health dashlet
Functional Health dashlet

Selected time frame

The upper part of the dashlet displays the overall failure rate of transactions and the number of failed transactions. The chart at the right displays transaction load and failure rate. Click on this to drill down to the Errors dashlet.

The pie chart at the left shows the total transaction failure rate.

Other time frame

Use the middle chart to compare current functional health with a previous state.

Error HotSpots

The bottom part of the dashlet shows the error hotspots by application or by detected errors. The numbers refer to the selected time frame of the dashlet. Click on this to go to the Errors dashlet.

Available drilldowns

If you hover over a chart bar, the mouse cursor changes to indicate that you can drill down to the Errors dashlet. Click to open the Errors dashlet with a time frame filter applied for the selected period.

The links available in the error hotspots table also open an errors dashlet either focusing on the selected application or selecting the corresponding error entry.