Dynamic Measure Matrix dashlet

Use the Dynamic Measure Matrix dashlet to display aggregated dynamic measures per Agent Group and Agent.

Each Agent Group and Agent is presented in a row. Each added Measure is exposed in a separate column.

Hover over a cell and the tooltip shows a chart representation.

Dynamic Measure Matrix dashlet
Dynamic Measure Matrix dashlet


Use the Measures tab of Dashlet properties dialog box to add and remove measures, as well as change the measures order, associated unit, and aggregation.

To access it, right-click and select Configure Measures.

Column visualization

Several measure visualization options are available. To change them, right click the measure, and select the required option from the Visualization sub-menu:

Visualization Description Example
Value Plain text measure value
Threshold Traffic light that indicates threshold violations
Value+Threshold violation Combination of measure value and threshold violation indicator
Bar A logarithmic scaled bar that changes background color when threshold are violated


To change the threshold of a measure, click Configure Measures > Select Measure > Edit.
The change affects only the column from which the context menu is invoked.

The measure value bars next to agents can appear red although the average value on the bar doesn't breach the threshold. This can be because one or more of the agents underlying applications breached the threshold, so although the overall average is not breaching, one or more apps change the color. Expand an agent node to inspect the individual applications.