Database Hotspots dashlet

The Database Hotspots dashlet provides breakdown information about database statements. You can use the dashlet to find out where a database statement is called.

Database Hotspots dashlet
Database Hotspots dashlet

The dashlet consists of the Database Hotspots table and the Caller Breakdown tree.

Database Hotspots table

The Database Hotspots table lists all database statement executions, grouped by their connection pool.

Column Description
Database and Connection Pool A tree that consists of two levels. The first level shows the connection pools and the second level lists the pool's database statement executions.
Contribution The percentage of statement executions contributed by each connection pool and statement.
Executions The number of statement executions.

Caller breakdown tree

Select a database statement in the Database Hotspots table to display a detailed caller breakdown tree of the selected statement.

The selected database statement is displayed at the top of the tree. The executers are listed in the hierarchy below the statement. Because the caller breakdown is an aggregation of many paths, it is likely that the database statement is executed by many different call paths. The tree therefore consists of branches that are weighted according to the breakdown time contribution of each tree branch.

Column Description
Method The selected database statement, method, or web request.
Contribution The percentage contribution of the (sub)tree to the overall database statement execution count.
Executions The execution count of the database statement, method, or web request.
API The most significant API of the database statement, method, or web request.
Exec Acg The average execution time per execution.
Exec Min The minimum execution time per execution.
Exec Max The maximum execution time per execution.
Exec Total The total execution time.