API Breakdown dashlet

The API Breakdown dashlet provides a view of accumulated performance data, broken down into different APIs. This information helps isolate performance issues at a high, API-related level. See System Profile - APIs and APIs for information about configuring the set of available APIs.

Each line of the table in the upper part of the view represents timing information for a specific API.

The pie chart in the bottom part of the view displays the data of the currently selected table column.
The link Change API definition takes you to the dialog box where you can refine the API assignment for your application.

API Breakdown dashlet
API Breakdown dashlet


All times for the different metrics are without nested calls to methods of other APIs. By default, not all columns (metrics) are displayed.

To select columns to display or hide right-click on the column header and select **More **.

Context menu**

The context menu contains these commands that are specific to the dashlet contents:

  • Drill Down: Open a view associated with the currently selected API entry; for example, open the database view for a JDBC API entry.
  • Create Measures: Open the Measure Configuration dialog box to add measures to a subscription. This command is only available during real-time sessions.
  • New Business Transaction: Open the Business Transaction Editor dialog box to create a new Business Transaction based on measures related to the selection. This command is only available during real-time sessions.