This page listing all available dashlets of AppMon Client. When working with dashlets data, consider a time zone of its origin.

Dashlet Description
Agent Breakdown Analyzes the distribution of PurePaths over Agents and the system under diagnosis (SUD; the application where the Agent is inserted).
Agents Overview Lists information on all Agents registered with the AppMon Server.
API Breakdown Provides a view of accumulated performance data, broken down into different APIs.
Business Transactions Displays all actions performed on the system under diagnosis that match a defined Business Transaction.
Business Transaction Hotspots Provides an overview of business transaction data of various time frames.
Client Errors Overview of JavaScript errors captured by the JavaScript agent, mobile errors, exceptions, and crashes.
Components Aggregates method calls in the context of software components (for example, Enterprise Java Beans).
Cockpit Contains the cockpit, as in sidebar.
CPU Sampling Contains the CPU Sampling sessions and provides analysis of background threads.
Dashboards AppMon 2018 April feature Contains all the dashboards of the currently selected Server and allows to manage them.
Database instances AppMon 2018 April feature Contains all the connected databases and allows to manage them.
Database Provides an overview of executed statements, databases, and connection pools.
Database Hotspots Helps to identify database statements that contribute the most to the overall execution time.
Entry Points Shows an aggregated representation of PurePaths that start at the same entry point.
Errors Overview of all errors that are detected in a specified time frame.
Exceptions Shows all of the exceptions captured by the Exception Sensor.
Functional Health Shows an overview of the errors that occurred, as well as the number of captured transactions and the error rate, with a direct comparison to a related timeframe.
GUI Controls Shows the PurePaths that were started using WinForms, WPF and Java AppMon Clients.
Incidents Shows the incidents defined in a System Profile and instances where the set rules are violated.
Incidents Overview Lists the incident rules defined in all the System Profiles and occurrences of thresholds violations.
License Overview Lists license status and other general license information along with used agents and license consumption details.
Logging Shows an aggregated view of the logging events, grouped by the class and method that issued the logging event.
Memory Allocations Identifies methods within PurePaths that create instances of selected classes, based on Memory Sensor Rules.
Messaging Displays all sent or received messages from messaging services (for example, JMS).
Methods Displays method calls aggregated by name, package, or class, including references to callers and callees.
Method Hotspots Helps to identify methods that contribute most to the overall execution time.
Mobile Workload Displays the calculated CPU seconds for mainframe transactions executed through mobile devices.
Naming Services Displays all calls to naming service interfaces (for example, JNDI).
PurePaths Provides the central representation of PurePaths, including an aggregated view of contributors and API distribution, and displays a graphical visualization.
PurePath Comparison Offers an in-depth structural comparison of PurePaths.
Remoting Displays remoting metrics across horizontal and vertical application layers.
Response Time Hotspots Helps to find application hot spots within tiers and APIs, based on response times.
Runtime Suspensions Shows the instrumented methods in your PurePaths that are impacted by Garbage Collection.
Selective Memory Contains the memory snapshots and provides analysis of snapshot instances.
Sequence Diagram Visualizes selected PurePaths as a UML sequence diagram.
Session browser Displays stored sessions in its data source.
Status Overview Displays an overview of agent, tasks and system Monitors for a specific System Profile.
System Information Lists all the log and configuration files, dashboards, and other information for your AppMon installation.
System Profiles AppMon 2018 April feature Contains all the System Profiles of the currently selected Server and allows to manage them.
Tagged Web Requests Lists web requests originating from integrated load testing systems.
Tasks and Monitors Displays an overview of maintenance tasks and system Monitors for all System Profiles.
Test overview Displays general status of tests in your environment.
Test results Visualizes results of various tests in your environment (Test Center edition only).
Text and image Displays custom text and images to add notes to a dashboard.
Text and measurement Displays the value of a measure, along with the custom text.
Threads Contains thread dumps and provides analysis of the thread stack.
Total Memory Displays snapshot information about the number, size and class of currently allocated objects, regardless of their connection to recorded PurePaths or configured memory rules.
Transaction Flow Displays an overview of your environment.
User Actions Overview of user action performance, errors, and affected visits.
User Actions Health Overview of system load and failure rate compared to a previous time period.
User Action PurePaths Represents all captured PurePaths starting in the browser.
Visits Overview of visit information including visit duration, bounce rate, and stream count.
Web page Displays a web page as the part of your dashboard.
Web Requests Displays web requests, for example servlets, JSPs, or ASP.NET pages.
Web Services Provides an overview of all web service calls.
World Map Provides a way to visualize visits or user actions in a geographical representation.


Chart Template Description and Content
Classes Displays the number of loaded and unloaded classes per JVM
Chart A generic empty chart dashlet
Database Count Number of database calls made
Database Time Displays a chart of the time spent in the database layer
Dual Axis Chart Creates a chart of two values with two independent axes, scales, and scale units
Dynamic Measure Matrix Displays aggregated dynamic measures for the selected System Profile
Incident Chart Creates an empty Incident Chart for this System Profile
Layer Breakdown Displays the total execution time or the CPU time of your application and the distribution of this number over the layers (APIs) of your application.
PurePath Time Displays PurePath Times (PurePath CPU Time and PurePath Time)
Web Request Count Displays Web Request count measures for this System Profile
Web Request Time Displays Web Request timing measures for this System Profile