Dashboards in kiosk mode

In the kiosk mode, the AppMon Client displays in full screen. The cursor is hidden and the Client rotates through all open dashboards at a defined interval (the default interval is 30 seconds). If you open and close dashboards while in kiosk mode, these dashboards are included in or excluded from the rotation.

You can open the AppMon Client in Kiosk Mode by adding a command-line parameter on startup:

<DT_HOME%>\dtclient -kiosk [interval]

Where interval is a positive integer value for the interval in seconds. The default is 30, the minimum is 1.

If the Application Overview dashboard was active when you exited interactive mode, it is included in kiosk mode; otherwise, it is not displayed.

You can use the Webstart Client in kiosk mode by including the arguments in the Webstart URL:


See Client Commandline Arguments and Set up the Webstart Client for more information.

Use the following keys to control the display:

  • ESC: Pause or resume the rotation.
  • PAGE UP: Go to the previous dashboard.
  • PAGE DOWN: Go to the next dashboard.
  • F11: Toggle full-screen mode.

If user input such as a mouse movement is detected, the automatic rotation stops. It resumes after two minutes without user interaction.

You can select dashboards for the kiosk mode in the Dashboards dashlet. Click the kiosk disabled icon of the dashboard you want to use. Dashboards, included to the kiosk mode, have the kiosk enabled icon.