Dashboard vs dashlet

A dashboard is comprised of dashlets, the building blocks of a dashboard that contain specific types of data. In addition to defining which dashlets to display, a dashboard also defines:

  • The layout and arrangement of the dashlets.
  • The common default data source(s) for the dashlets.

The data that is visualized on a dashboard is not stored in the dashboard, but in a session.

Example dashboard
Example dashboard

A dashboard represents a specific view of one or more AppMon data sources.

diagnosis dashlet defines a reusable and configurable view of one or more AppMon sessions. You can choose from a rich set of different diagnosis dashlet types, each focusing on specific aspects of diagnosis. Each diagnosis dashlet has its own data model that can be refreshed separately. A data model can be refreshed either manually or automatically at definable refresh intervals. The refresh behavior is part of the dashboard configuration. The refresh interval is configured for the dashboard, but each dashlet can be configured with a separate refresh interval.