Web Request Performance Analysis dashboard

The Web Request Performance Analysis dashboard provides a performance overview of every important Web page.

To access the Web Page Performance Analysis dashboard, click Start Center > Analyze Performance, then click the Analyze the performance link under Analyze Web Request Performance.

Use the following detail view to select an application split, analyze response time, load distribution, and identify performance and scalability issue root causes in the diagnostic charts.

The master dashlet is the fixed Web Page Requests business transaction.

Select an application split to show the corresponding data in the Transaction Flow, Response Time Hotspots, Database, Errors, and Web Requests tabs, and in the Load vs. Response Time and Response Time tiles in the dashboard.

Web Performance Analysis Dashboard
Web Performance Analysis Dashboard

Transaction Flow

Provides different visualization modes that for different transaction detail views and levels. The Topology View mode is the default mode. Use this to analyze the basic operation. Use the Transaction Response Time view to analyze transactions.

Data shown in this tab is the same as the data shown in the Transaction Flow dashlet. See Transaction Flow dashlet for information on how to read the different views, understanding inter-tier communication data, and other information.

Response Time Hotspots

The Response Time Hotspots tab provides a high-level view of a session to give you a quick impression of where the time is spent. You can filter Business Transactions to see how similar transactions are distributed regarding response time and where most of the time is contributed, by tier and by API.

Data shown in this tab is the same data shown in the Response Time Hotspots dashlet. See Response Time Hotspots dashlet for more information.


The Database tab provides an overview and in-depth information for database connection pool usage and SQL statement executions. The tab includes three additional tabs, each with a table that provides execution statistics. You can select which statistics to display by right-clicking any column head to display the context menu and selecting or clearing the columns.

Data shown in this tab is the same data shown in the Database dashlet. See Database dashlet for more information.


Shows an overview of all errors detected within a specified time frame. This tab includes an Error overview pane that shows your configured error rules, and an Error details pane that shows details for the selected error category.

Data shown in this tab is the same data shown in the Errors dashlet. See Errors dashlet for more information.

Web Requests

Displays the collected web request information to help diagnose and fine tune software components that handle the application's web requests like servlets and JSPs. Data shown in this tab is the same data shown in the Web Requests dashlet. See Web Requests dashlet for information on performance metrics used and analysis options.