Page Performance dashboard

The Page Performance dashboard provides a common overview of your application's page action and its performance layer breakdown, including resource and user action timings.

To access this dashboard in the AppMon Client, click Start Center > User Experience > User Action Performance and Health > Page Performance to open the Page Performance dashboard. You can also use the following options:

AppMon 2018 April and later In the sidebar, Click Dashboards > Page Performance under the Built-In section.

Use the Apdex of User Action and Global Performance Overview tiles to relate the overall Apdex ratings over time with specific regions where users access your application. The Global Performance Overview works the same way as the World Map dashlet. You can drill down from the world through continent, country, and state levels to pinpoint slower response areas.

User Action Time Contribution shows how network and server timings contribute to the overall user action duration. Requests that overlap server and network are handled in the calculation of the network contribution calculation. Network contribution is available when the PurePath has a bandwidth value, and represents the sum of all requests divided by the bandwidth value (bytes per second). See User Action Timings for more information on load actions and server/network contributions.

The Document Load Breakdown lets you see when browser page load steps are reached. These are based on W3C Resource timing landmarks. See the W3C resource timing landmarks section in W3C resource timing metrics for details. Connection Performance show performance metrics collected by the JavaScript Agent for important activities involved in loading pages, such as domain lookup (DNS), establishing connections to HTTP servers (TCP), and securing connections (SSL). Together, these tiles offer a quick current-state view into page load performance from the browser point of view.

The Slowest User Actions and Most Frequent User Actions tiles provide a starting point to quickly determine what user actions are causing issues for end users. Drill down from these tiles to start cause analysis.