Load Test Overview dashboard

When you use the Load Testing Integration to run load tests, you can analyze the results that start in the Tagged Web Requests dashlet or use the Load Test Overview dashboard.

  1. Launch the dashboard from the Start Center. Select the Analyze Performance item, and click Open load test overview link in the Analyze Load Test Results section.
  2. In the Dashboard Properties dialog box, select the data source: a stored session or a System Profile.
    The new dashboard prompts you for the data source. Select a System Profile if you want to analyze the live session or select a stored session.
  3. Analyze the load test result.
    The top-left of the dashboard shows the Tagged Web Requests dashlet. All other dashlets on that dashboard are linked with that dashlet. You must select a test name (you can also multi-select). Data from the name or names you select displays in the charts and the dashlets such as Transaction Flow dashletDatabase dashlet, and Response Time Hotspots dashlet. Use this to analyze the root cause of tests that run slow.