Automating reporting tasks with server-side reporting

With automated reporting, you can present accumulated data to stakeholders or deliver the daily KPI status update to your inbox. Reporting is mandatory, and you don't want to spend too much time to gather the data, format the report, and process it. If you run a report twice, you should automate it with AppMon's reporting features.

This tutorial demonstrates the AppMon reporting features and how they make reporting easier. Learn how to schedule your reports.

Create your own dashboards or use those that come with AppMon. If you don't have a System Profile, and have no data from Agents, use the built-in dashboards for self-monitoring.

Follow these steps to automate reporting:

  1. Open the reporting dialog box.
  2. Customize the necessary information.
  3. Create a reporting schedule.
  4. Automate report generation based on these schedules.

Create a report schedule

Create a schedule for your report if you want it to be sent out by email daily, weekly or both to various recipients.

To do this, click Report from the Dashboard menu, then click Create Schedule and create a new schedule. Create a schedule so that the PDF report is sent to your mailbox daily at 8am, and weekly, to your manager. You must create two schedules.

For the daily schedule, use the following definitions:

Start on: Today

Time to Send: 08:00AM

End: Forever

Recurrence: Every Day in Every Month

Define the exclusion for Saturday and Sunday separately:

Schedule Exclusion: Exclude Always

On: Saturday and Sunday

In: Every Month

The second schedule executes every month on the first of the month:

Start on: First day of the month

End: Forever

Recurrence: Every Month

Monthly Schedule: Send the Report on the First Day of the Month After you configure your dashboards with relevant data, automate reporting to save time. Also this automation capability can serve as a data export engine to your favorite tools. Get the data delivered at certain times or pull it into your automation tools from scheduled tasks for further processing.


If the AppMon Server is not available on the network with the internal host name, but with some other host name or only when the link-address contains the domain name, you can still generated working links in the reports. Use the External hostname field to specify the fully qualified host name or IP address that AppMon uses to create links in reports, emails, and the server web interface. To access this, click Settings > Dynatrace Servers > Services > Management.