Testing the installation

In the AppMon Client, you can verify the CICS and/or IMS Agent installation by viewing the Agent Connection Status, which is available through the Configuration Panel in the Application Overview and in the Agents Overview dashlet.

  • If the zRemote Agent started properly, it should appear in the list of agents.
  • The zDC and its zLocal Agent do not appear in the agents overview. If no CICS or IMS Agents appear, check the zRemote Agent and zLocalAgent log files to verify that they are running and communicating properly.
  • Each CICS or IMS Agent that connects to the zDC appears in the list as a subagent of the zRemote Agent. Each Agent sets several properties that contain details about the CICS or IMS region. If no Agents show up in the list, check the Agent configuration. To verify the connectivity between the CICS Agent and the zRemote Agent, you can use the DTAX transaction PING command to test connectivity, as described in the DTAX documentation. The IMS agents do not appear immediately when they are injected into the IMS subsystem. The next transaction that is processed by the control region causes the IMS control region agent to appear, and then the next transaction processed by each application region causes that IMS application region agent to appear.

The Agent Connection Status view also indicates:

  • Whether the license is OK.
  • Whether the Agent was mapped into the right System Profile.
  • Whether the Agent is currently sending events.
Agent Connection Status details
Agent Connection Status details