Installing the z/OS Agent

Since the z/OS Agent consists of multiple components in both the distributed and mainframe environments, the installation and configuration process is more complex than for other Agents. However, with a bit of planning and coordination with the varied architecture groups, your z/OS Agent installation can go smoothly.

Before you install the z/OS Agent

Efficiently z/OS Agent installation is typically a team effort involving the following:

  • Distributed Systems Installer ‐ Installs the AppMon Server and the zRemote Agent.
  • Mainframe Systems Programmer ‐ Installs the zLocal Agent and the SMP/E installation of the product.
  • Mainframe CICS Systems Programmer ‐ Installs the CICS Agent and tables in each of the CICS regions to be monitored.
  • Mainframe IMS Systems Programmer ‐ Injects the IMS Agent into each IMS control region to be monitored.
  • Mainframe Security Administrator ‐ Sets up security for the zDC.

Depending on your team, a single individual may be able to administer more than just one of the required areas/regions of the mainframe.

z/OS Agent installation summary

  1. A distributed systems installer edits the AppMon System Profile(s) to add the mainframe tier(s).
  2. The distributed systems installer installs the zRemote Agent.
  3. On the target mainframe, the mainframe systems programmer downloads and installs the z/OS components.
  4. Your mainframe security administrator configures security for the zDC.
  5. If monitoring one or more CICS regions, your mainframe CICS systems programmer installs the CICS Agent.
  6. If monitoring one or more IMS control regions, your mainframe IMS systems programmer installs the IMS Agent.

z/OS Agent maintenance

On the target mainframe, the mainframe systems programmer can download and install z/OS SMP/E maintenance