DTAX transaction


These functions are primarily intended to be used for support purposes. None of them is required for normal operation, but you may wish to automate agent enablement by submitting DTAX ENABLE and DTAX DISABLE transactions through an operations automation system.

The DTAX transaction runs automatically every 5 minutes. It initializes the Agent connection to a newly started or restarted zDC at that time. Because data is only collected while the zDC is active, it should be running prior to CICS or IMS region initialization. In addition, data may be lost for up to 5 minutes after the zDC is restarted or when the zDC is initially started after the CICS region initializes. Optionally, the reconnection process can be completed immediately by manually entering the DTAX transaction and performing the DISABLE function followed by the ENABLE function after reinitializing the zDC. Use the ENABLE function alone if the CICS region had not been connected to a zDC and thus shows a DISABLED status.

The DTAX transaction also provides a UI to access basic functionality of the CICS Agent. Logon to CICS and issue the DTAX transaction without parameters for a brief description of its functions and current Agent status.

Change the log level

The CICS Agent logs messages to the zRemote Agent's log file, which and can be viewed using the System Information dashlet. The log level of the CICS Agent is set to INFO and, unlike the other Agents, it cannot be changed within the AppMon Client. It can, however, be changed using the DTAX transaction. Set the cursor to the upper right corner and type one of the following log levels: Severe, Warning, Info or Fine.

Send a ping message

You can use the ping message functionality to verify the connectivity between the z/OS CICS Agent and the zRemote Agent.

DTAX ping

The ping message generates the following DTAX output

On success, this also generates a log entry in the log output of the zRemote Agent, such as:

info    [native] ASID[53], smfID[S0W1], sysid[C449], jobName[H71AC449] Ping data=asid=53, CFDE33C15E800000

Enable or disable the AppMon data capture

These functions enable or disable all the exits used by the zLocal Agent. The Enable command also starts the DTAX five (5) minute restart cycle if one was not in progress. Likewise, the Disable command terminates any active DTAX five (5) minute restart cycle.

Enable CICS Agent

Enable should generate the following DTAX output:

Enable should also register this CICS address space with the AppMon Collector. From the zRemote Agent logs:

info    [native] ASID[53], smfID[S0W1], sysid[C449], jobName[H71AC449], subagentid[f526fc70] snaId[NETD    .H71AC449], CICS release 52 was successfully initialized with protocol version=6.3.0
info    [native] New subAgent registered successfully: f526fc70
info    [native] Subagent license is updated, id=[0xf526fc70] = license ok;

Disable CICS Agent

Disable should generate the following DTAX output:
Disable should also un-register this address space from the AppMon Collector. From the zRemote Agent logs:

info    [native] Unregistering subAgent f526fc70

DTAX messages

All DTAX messages are described on the z/OS Agent Messages page.