z/OS Agent

The z/OS Agent extends PurePath transaction-based tracing to a mainframe environment.

While the term z/OS Agent sounds like a single entity, it includes the following individual agent components:

CICS Agent

The CICS Agent installs into every CICS region that you want to monitor. It includes a PLT program that initiates at CICS startup, and an Agent program that captures various events and forwards them to the zDC.

The CICS Agent can either start new PurePaths for specific transaction codes or link CICS transaction PurePaths to distributed PurePaths for transactions initiated using WebSphere MQ, CICS Transaction Gateway, or SOAP (over HTTP). The CICS agent supports DB2, DL/I and MQ API calls tracing, as well as any programs invoked using CICS LINK or LE dynamic call. Linked PurePaths are also provided with child transaction details started for DPL LINK or START TRANSACTION requests within a PurePath.

IMS Agent

The IMS Agent must be injected into the Control Region of each IMS system for which you want to capture Purepaths. It consists of programs that capture data on various IMS transaction processing events, and forwards that information to the zDC.

The IMS Agent traces IMS transactions submitted from the IMS MQ Bridge or MQ Trigger Monitor, IMS TM Resource Adapter, the IMS SOAP Gateway, and the IMS Connect API.

zDC (data collection subsystem)

The zDC (z/OS Data Collection subsystem) handles the life cycle of the zLocal Agent, formerly called the zUnix Agent or USS (Unix System Services) Agent. It controls communication between the zLocal Agentand CICS and IMS Agents. You can enter Operator start, stop, and modify commands from a system console to control the zDC and the lifecycle of the zLocal Agent.

zLocal Agent

The zLocal Agent and zRemote Agent handle the TCP/IP connection between the mainframe and the AppMon Collector. The zLocal Agent installs on the mainframe and passes performance data to the zRemote Agent, reducing CPU consumption on z/OS.


The z/OS Agent can't directly connect to an AppMon Collector without first going through a zRemote Agent. Using the zRemote Agent reduces CPU consumption on z/OS. The zLocal Agent only transfers data to the zRemote Agent, which can run on Windows or Linux (64-bit OS only).

zRemote Agent

The zRemote Agent is an aggregation and data processing component that installs in the distributed environment and extends the zLocal Agent. The zRemote Agent offloads some of the Agent data processing in the zLocal Agent, reducing the MIPS load incurred in instrumenting mainframe applications.


The zRemoteAgent should only service one zLocalAgent (zDC). Refer to the instructions on installing multiple zRemoteAgent launcher service instances for configuring multiple zRemoteAgents.

Java Agent(s)

You must also install AppMon Java Agents to monitor business transactions that use either the CICS Transaction Gateway or the IMS Soap Gateway.