PHP General sensor

The PHP General sensor captures compilation time for each loaded PHP file. Additionally, it enables you to see which files were called by include, include_once, require, or require_once functions in other PHP files, and how much time it took to load each file.

Sensor configuration

To place and configure the PHP General sensor, perform the following steps:

  1. Start the AppMon Client.
  2. Open the System Profile Preferences dialog box for your application.
  3. Enable monitoring of PHP scripts. To do this, navigate to General settings for your application, and select the PHP check box in the Technology section.
  4. Place the PHP General sensor.
    1. Go to the Sensor Placement section for your web server.
    2. In the Sensor Placement table, find the PHP General sensor and select the check box in the Place column to enable it.
  5. Enable capturing of PHP scripts compilation time.
    1. Go to the Sensor Configuration section for your web server.
    2. Find the PHP General sensor in the list and access the properties screen using the provided Properties link.
    3. Select Show compilation time check box.
  6. Enable capturing information about files called by include, include_once, require, or require_once functions.
    In the PHP General properties pop-up window, select the Show include, include_once, require or require_once functions check box.
  7. Click OK to save the settings.


  • Show compilation time: Enables capture of PHP file compilation time.
  • Show include, include_once, require, require_once functions: Enables capture of mentioned PHP functions.