PHP Exceptions sensor

Sensor description

The PHP Exceptions sensor captures PHP run-time errors, warnings and notices, compile-time errors, user-generated error, message and notice messages. It is also capable of catching stack traces. See PHP documentation for more information about reported PHP errors and exceptions.

Sensor configuration

To start monitoring PHP exceptions.

  1. Start the AppMon Client.
  2. Open the System Profile Preferences dialog box for your application.
  3. Enable PHP monitoring.
    To do this, navigate to General settings for your application, and select the PHP check box in the Technology section.
  4. Enable monitoring of PHP exceptions.
    1. Go to the Sensor Placement section for your agent group.
    2. In the Sensor Placement table, find the PHP Exceptions sensor and select the check box in the Place column to enable it.
  5. Select error and logging types that you want to monitor.
    1. Go to the Sensor Configuration section for your agent group.
    2. Find the PHP Exceptions sensor in the list and access the properties screen using the provided Properties link.
    3. Select the exceptions that you want to capture.
  6. Optionally decide if you want stack trace capture to be active. You can control the depth of the reported stack traces in the Maximum captured Stacktrace depth field. The maximum value allowed is 256. Stack trace capturing is enabled by default and set to a safe value of 32.
  7. Click OK to save the settings.

Capturing stack traces causes high Agent overhead if large number of exceptions occurs in the instrumented application. Use the stack trace capturing with care and consider limiting the depth of grabbed stack traces.


  • Configuration Properties: Select the exceptions you want to capture.
  • Overhead properties: Enable or disable capture of stack traces for exceptions and fine-tune the amount of data that is captured and transferred from the Agent to the Server.
    • Capture Stacktrace: Enables capturing of stack traces.
      Capturing the stack and transferring the data to the server causes high CPU overhead on the instrumented application and consumes network bandwidth.
    • Maximum Captured Stacktrace depth: Limits the number of elements per stacktrace. Only the topmost elements are transferred.
      The allowed range is 0—256. The default value is 32.